Who is this course for?

  • Are you a newbie to sourdough baking?  

  • Have you given it a try and not got the results you wanted?  

  • Have you tried other learning resources online and in person and found them to be too complicated and overwhelming?      

You are not alone, I have been where you were and wish I had someone who could take me by the hand and guide me in the right direction. I am here and I can teach you how to make a wonderful loaf that is unique, beautiful and so tasty.

Learn a tried and tested method from an experienced baker and educator.

  • I am an experienced sourdough baker and trainer and having run regular sourdough baking classes in London for years, I have developed a method of teaching sourdough baking that cuts all of the fluff out of the process.

  • This course is more than just learning a few recipes, it is about gaining a full understanding and control over the entire baking process so that you can always achieve the results you want.

  • I like to take a practical approach to teaching and I have found that getting your hands into the dough is the best way to learn about the process. I also take you through some in-depth theory in a digestible way without overloading you on the science!

  • This course is divided into sections that break up the process of baking into its individual parts. Each section has some fantastic video content and a corresponding chapter in the ebook which contains everything you need plus some bonus info. You can re-watch and re-read anything, anytime and take this course at a pace that works for you.
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Learn how to bake sourdough bread online

Here is how we will master sourdough baking together.

What to expect when you enrol in the sourdough bread baking online course

When you join this online course you will immediately get access to all the videos and a downloadable pdf ebook with lots os extra information. You can start watching straight away or sit back and take it easy. You have access for life and whenever you like. Each module covers an aspect of sourdough baking in detail with plenty of information and engaging video content.

Meet your teacher, Sophia

The wonderful world of baking sourdough bread from scratch has been fascinating me since I was young. I would watch my dad, a trained baker, so carefully and observe him giving the dough a good workout before carefully arranging it in wooden banneton baskets to prove before they were ready to be put in the oven for a long bake. The whole house was filled with the most incredible smell and I could barely wait until it was time to take it out and cut into the still hot loaf.

Even as a small girl I already planned opening a bakery with my friend, and during our weekly meet ups we wouldn't play with dolls or out in the mud, we'd plan our next batches of cookies and cakes! It was a dream that has stuck with me since then. Finally during a global pandemic, being locked in my house, and finding myself delivering breads to my local friends and neighbours, I decided it is time to make that dream come true. So I set up a micro bakery from my dining room in my house in North London and called it Sourdough Sophia. In the middle of our converted dining room my husband and I baked on a weekly basis offering our breads for local delivery and pick up to the local hungry crowd that just can't live without good, slow fermented bread. We grew like wildfire and only a few months later, we began the process of opening small batch bakery on the high street.

In this course I will take you through each part of the sourdough baking process, beginning with the starter which is the fundamental basis of all bread. By the end of this course you should have a full understanding of what constitutes a sourdough starter, how you can influence it, what makes a sourdough bread, how to knead, shape, prove and bake your bread and finally, how you can create variation and start experimenting with new flour types, hydration and texture.

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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to sourdough bread

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    • Introduction
    • What is sourdough bread?
    • How to approach your learning journey
    • Sourdough baking equipment
    • Sourdough baking ingredients
    • Baker's glossary
    • Sourdough Baking Course eBook desktop version
    • Sourdough Baking Course eBook mobile version
    • Checklists for bakers
  • 02

    The sourdough starter

    Show Content
    • What is a sourdough starter
    • Feeding & maintaining your sourdough starter
    • Storing your sourdough starter
    • What to do with discarded sourdough starter
  • 03

    The sourdough bread baking process

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    • Introduction
    • Autolyse
    • Mixing & gluten development
    • Mixing using a spiral mixer
    • Bulk Fermentation
    • Pre-Shaping
    • Final shaping
    • Final Proof
    • Baking
    • Storing
  • 04

    Sourdough bread recipes

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    • Higher hydration loaf
    • Sourdough Focaccia
    • Seeded 50% wholemeal loaf
  • 05

    Summary & bonus material

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    • Troubleshooting your starter FAQ
    • Troubleshooting your dough & schedule FAQ
    • Troubleshooting your bake FAQ
    • Handling wet & sticky dough tips and tricks
    • A day with a beginner sourdough baker
    • Summary & resources